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Military Projects Completed

  • 1. Guam IDIQ
  • 2. Riverside National Cemetery Headstone Realignment
  • 3. Ft Rosecrans Flagpole Renovation
  • 4. Sacramento National Cemetery ADA Upgrades

DLA Sales Contracts

  • 1. Silicone Compound NSN-6850-01-645-1300
  • 2. Thermostatic Switch NSN-5930-01-254-4793
  • 3. Silicone Compound NSN-6850-01-645-1300
  • 4. Diaphram Accuator NSN-4810-01-356-2737
  • 5. Diaphragm Assembly NSN-4810-01-028-1906
  • 6. Diaphragm Actuator NSN-4810-01-356-2737
  • 7. Solenoid, Valve NSN-4810-00-884-2956
  • 8. Switch, Tilt NSN-5930-01-080-9998
  • 9. Switch, Thermostatic NSN-5930-00-104-8571
  • 10. Valve, Solenoid NSN-4810-00-315-9544
  • 11. Valve, Safety Relief NSN-4820-00-295-0778
  • 12. Valve, Solenoid, Fuel NSN-2910-00-719-4550
  • 13. Spring Helical, Comp NSN-5360-01-119-4760
  • 14. Valve, Solenoid NSN-4810-00-390-4656
  • 15. Valve, Globe NSN-4820-00-611-8963
  • 16. Reactor NSN-5950-00-067-6618
  • 17. Nut Assembly, Tube C NSN-4730-00-275-1418
  • 18. Chopper, Electronic NSN-5945-00-085-8189
  • 19. Tube Assembly, Metal NSN-4710-01-125-9924
  • 20. Sensor, Current NSN-6625-01-511-6510
  • 21. Switch, Push NSN-5930-01-493-4639
  • 22. Silicone Compound NSN-6850-01-645-1300
  • 23. Adapter, Straight, Tu NSN-4730-01-445-7724
  • 24. Cable, Special Purpose NSN-6145-01-228-1202
  • 25. Switch, Thermostatic NSN-5930-01-254-4793
  • 26. Capacitor Assembly NSN-5910-01-598-5210
  • 27. Swing Joint Tube NSN-4730-01-118-9367
  • 28. Switch, Push NSN-5930-01-230-3209
  • 29. Kit Cover Up Low NSN-2030-01-540-5505
  • 30. Contactor Magnetic NSN-6110-01-158-0495
  • 31. Motor, Control NSN-6105-01-190-2565
  • 32. ARC Chute Assembly NSN-6110-01-033-5635
  • 33. Relay, Electromagnet NSN-5945-01-189-9162
  • 34. Relay, Electromagnet NSN-5945-00-201-7196
  • 35. Regulator, Voltage NSN-6110-01-470-4253
  • 36. Circuit Card Assembly NSN-5998-01-528-5427
  • 37. Contactor, Magnetic NSN-6110-01-500-5830
  • 38. Safety Indicator, FL NSN-1005-01-532-8127
  • 39. Indicator, Elevation NSN-1260-01-571-9771
  • 40. Switch, Push NSN-5930-00-503-9953
  • 41. Shaft Shouldered NSN-3040-01-356-8877
  • 42. Generator, Tachometer NSN-6680-01-486-5944
  • 43. Valve, Check NSN-4820-00-152-6195
  • 44. Filter Element, Replacement NSN-2940-01-518-1934
  • 45. Connector, Plug, Electric NSN-5935-00-164-9850
  • 46. Transducer, Sonar NSN-5845-01-470-2500
  • 47. Coupling Half, Quick NSN-4730-00-818-6582
  • 48. Windshield Wiper AS NSN-2090-01-438-0123
  • 49. Degreaser NSN-4940-01-466-6473
  • 50. Seal, Plain NSN-5330-01-328-3715
  • 51. Light, Indicator NSN-6210-01-083-5824
  • 52. Screw, Tapping NSN-5305-01-299-6588
  • 53. Counter, Rotating NSN-6680-00-445-5499
  • 54. Aneroid Assembly NSN-6610-01-341-0884
  • 55. Resistor, Thermal NSN-5905-01-492-6248
  • 56. Light Indicator NSN-6210-01-083-5824
  • 57. Gear, Spur NSN-3020-01-579-4032
  • 58. Resistor, Thermal NSN-5905-01-184-0681
  • 59. Housing Assy, Stator NSN-1650-01-542-0169
  • 60. Screw Assembly, Pane NSN-5305-01-527-7904
  • 61. Uplift Attachment NSN-4920-01-348-2216
  • 62. Switch, Push NSN-5930-01-525-1011
  • 63. Pump Unit, Hydraulic NSN-4320-01-598-6500

At V. Lopez Jr. & Sons we are committed to effectively serving our customers, employees, and other stakeholders by continually striving to provide exceptional value and quality solutions in a manner consistent with a respectful, professional, and encouraging environment. We have been privileged with the opportunity since 1979, when Vince Lopez Jr. founded his company by providing backhoe and excavating services to the Southern California Gas Company and other customers. After obtaining his California Contractors License in 1990, Mr. Lopez expanded the range of services offered to include underground projects, and has continually expanded the range of products and services offered to our customers throughout Northern and Southern California. Most of our experience lies in servicing Public Works and Municipalities. In 2006 Vince Lopez III became president of V.Lopez Jr and Sons, Inc. In 2014 we became certified as s Service Disabled Veteran owned company.

At V. Lopez Jr. & Sons we pride ourselves in providing fast, efficient, quality results with- out sacrificing excellent service. Our knowledgeable employees ensure the efficient completion of all sales while maintaining the highest level of safety from beginning to end.

We always have a team of professionals on standby ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. For us, no project is too big or too small.

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V. Lopez Jr. & Sons G.E.C., Inc.
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V. Lopez Jr. & Sons G.E.C., Inc. serves threw out the state of California. Our experienced staff of owners, sales dept, office staff and more shares a wealth of knowledge totaling over 180 years combined. We offer extensive knowledge and friendly service at competitive rates, Due to our excellent work ethics and high standards of workmanship, we continuously have repeat business.

We maintain a prominent and well respected reputation, which is why we are happy to let potential clients know who we have worked with. V. Lopez Jr. & Sons Inc is now SB/DVBE / MBE/ DBE certified, DoT Certified, registered U.S. DOL VETS 100, and registered with FEMA and is FAR. Compliant with procurement procedures as well as certified CQM with the Army Corps of Engineers.


V. Lopez Jr. & Sons Inc.

Laguna Hills Playground
Renovation 2004

V. Lopez Jr. & Sons Inc.

Little League Sewer Main
Project 18" Goleta, CA

V. Lopez Jr. & Sons Inc.

Camp San Luis
Obisbo Phase 1

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