Concrete Construction Services


An impeccable building structure is essential for your project’s stability. That’s why as the leading commercial concrete contractors, we ensure the highest foundation standards while working. Ultimately, this results in a finishing structure that outlives the works of our competitors by several years.

Types of Concrete Projects We Cover

Being DoT certified concrete experts has given us an edge over others. We know the reputation we built over the years has stemmed directly from the clients’ trust and satisfaction. That’s why we give the deserved attention to each of your projects.

The type of projects we’ve covered so far include but not limited to:

  • Flat works & sidewalks.
  • Foundations/slabs.
  • Retaining walls & driveways.

Thanks to V. Lopez Jr. & Sons Inc.’s excellent craftsmen, we’re proud to have several residential and commercial concrete projects under our belt. So, whether you require concrete driveway installation or sidewalks, you can rely on us to bring your construction projects to life.